New Tenses AudioVisual Course

Pro Verbs and Tenses allows learners of all levels to get an easy grip on this vital tool for communication. Using the same ProSpanish approach we are pleased to present our new Verbs and Tenses course. Verbs are the backbone of any language and can often be a stumbling block to learners as they can seem challenging. As you will know from the ProSpanish Levels 1-6 course we ensure speedy learning without the usual grammar grind.

You can begin with the simplest present tense or the pluperfect subjunctive! Regular and irregular verbs are reduced down to their fundamental parts and quickly built up again to give you speaking confidence.

We offer the same ProSpanish guarantee as our other courses: if you are not satisfied, we will refund your payment, no questions.

Upon payment you will receive an email with download instructions.

Key Features of Pro Verbs and Tenses Spanish Course

  • 20 audiovisual lessons using the ProSpanish approach
  • Exercises and drills to improve fluency
  • All the tenses and common irregular verbs taught
  • Video and/or MP3 (see below)
  • Vocabularly sheets for easy revisión
  • Format for PC and Mac
  • Online support
  • No internet required once downloaded


Pro Verbs and Tenses Audiovisual  (MP3 + Mobile Device Formats Included) – $12.99

Level 4

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