Personal Consultation and Tuition Service

Having helped thousands of students to overcome difficulties learning Spanish inside the classroom and online we are able to offer a unique and highly personalised service to our clients. You may require a one-off consultation and lesson to recharge your learning or prefer more regular input to keep you motivated, set targets and reinforce your existing programme.

 Common challenges we resolve include:

 Getting Started
You may be determined to learn Spanish, but find it difficult to get started. A single online Skype lesson with us will give you the confidence to continue independently.

Stuck in the Middle
Learning a new language requires a high degree of self-discipline and it’s common to hit a plateau once you have learnt the basics. We can redirect and motivate you with a one-off lesson or regular instruction.

Improve School and College grades

For parents who want to give their child’s learning a significant boost. With our background in schools we can quickly assess a student’s needs and advise or teach accordingly.

Employee Needs Analysis and Target Setting

We can assess and advise on the steps required to meet your company’s Spanish language needs. This may comprise a single consultation or include follow up teaching and assessment if desired.

For businesses that require an employee/team to reach a desired level we can offer single consultations or a more sustained level of teaching and target setting.

Pricing and Booking page Early booking is advised as time slots are quickly filled

You may wish to discuss via email how we can help you before booking a live consultation: