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  1. Hi Martin, I’ve purchased the All in one course as well which is outstanding by the way. How do I go by getting the extra course that you added on to the all in one? Any help would be be very appreciated.

  2. Hi I purchased your all in one course a long time ago and when I did the topic vocabulary course wasn’t there at that time. However it looks really nice and I was wondering would there be a discount for someone who has the all in one previous bundle if all they need is the topic vocabulary new course?

  3. Like all the rest how can I get the extra course you added on to level 1 to 6 which I bought and is brilliant I am learning so much when are you bringing out the subjunctive course that be great cheers Dave

  4. Hi I am a little confused, is the the whole lot package the same as the all in one with extra topic coarse? I want the whole lot package but unsure if this is the same as the all in one coarse. Kind regards

  5. Hi, I bought the Prospanish course 1-6 on 14/1/22.

    I understand there is an update?

    How much would it cost to buy the whole course now being offered at a discount?
    The all in one, plus new topics course, in fact all of it?

    Kind regards

  6. Howdy Martin !
    I bought your program 2 summers ago and it is great ! I eagerly anticipate all your new ones that you release also, but am not real keen on the Pyramid ones since I dont have the internet at home, only public library and coffee shops. My question is do you have a ProFRENCH course ? I did the one you have on YOUTUBE and really like it !! Hope so ! ALSO could you do one for French like you did for Spanaish “The 13 Most Powerful Words ” ? THANK YOU AGAIN !! Don

  7. Hi, I love your learning system. What I bought from you, but now you have the 600 Listening Pyramids that wasn’t available before. Is there anyway for people like me to get them now? Thank you.
    Please continue doing YouTube videos. You are so good at What you do. Again, thank you.

    1. I purchased and am happily using courses 1-6. I’d like to add the new pyramid and other recent additions. Best way? Thank you. Joe

  8. I have finally finished the course and I have to thank you so much..your course is by far the best learning tool I have used. Gracias

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