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    Verbs and Tenses Audio Visual Programme

    Successfully forming verbs in the correct tense is both the key and often the stumbling block to successful language learning. Exposure to traditional teaching methods may have left you confused and reluctant to tackle this essential part of Spanish language.

    ¡No es un problema! Tenemos la solución! We have developed a programme to teach you, a la ProSpanish, to confidently use the correct verb form in conversational Spanish. Both beginners and the more advanced will greatly benefit from this programme designed to accelerate your Spanish learning and confidence. Key features include:  

    An invaluable gift for anyone studying Spanish!

    The ProSpanish Verbs and Tenses Course makes an excellent gift for school and college students as they will benefit from the uncomplicated teaching throughout their studies.  No previous grammatical knowledge is required, but for those who like the technical terms: the regular present tense, the irregular present tense, stem changing verbs, the preterite past, the irregular preterite, the imperfect past, the present perfect are some of the verb forms taught.  

     Verbs and Tenses AudioVisual Programme


    Level 4

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