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    ProSpanish – User Comments


    The Pyramid listenings are such a game changer for me. Seriously!! Have you got them for any other languages. Thanks


    Hi Pro Spanish (Martin?). Just wanted to give you huge thanks and kudos for making such an amazing product so accessible price wise. I use it every day and I’m so happy with my progress – I was able to hold ‘normal’ conversations on my holiday to Malaga this summer. It made such a difference! Anyway, really appreciate what you (guys?) do.

    Serena T:

    I found you on YT about a month ago and bought the All in 1 offer straight away. I love it! I see there’s a new topic vocab course, is there a way I can Upgrade to get it?? Gracias P.S I have an hour a week with a Spanish tutor and he could believe the things I was suddenly able to say!


    I have been struggling with Spanish for a very long time, dotting in and out of apps, youtube videos, different websites, when I came across prospanish in youtube. I felt like I needed a structured course to follow so I purchased the All in 1 package as the youtube videos were very much to my way of learning. The amount of material provided for the cost is definitely worth the money. I feel now I can be structured in my daily learning and each time I feel more confident in my Spanish. Which is good as I am off to Spain next month! I would definitely recommend this course. Thank you to prospanish!

    Kim Lafont:

    Hi Martin, I had to write to thank you for these classes. I am dyslexic and have an incredibly difficult time learning languages. I have tried numerous times to learn Spanish. It wasn’t until I encountered your youtube videos that I finally felt I would be able to do it. I don’t usually write, but I really wanted to thank you for helping so many of us learn this complicated language. You have made it easy. Thank you.


    Hi. I have just finished the course I purchased, all levels 1-6 plus nearly finished working through the 50 videos you provided. I am most impressed in the manner in which you present the lessons and enjoy the pathway created on each lesson building on the earlier lessons along with the repetition of important key concepts/understanding. Bill G

    Stan Lewis:

    Hi Martin; I want to begin begin by telling you how much I appreciate and enjoy your amazingly effective, painless, thoroughly delightful course. I purchased the All-in-One package in October, 2021 and I’m just a couple of lessons from finishing it. I’ve never gone through any lesson fewer than three times, frequently circling back to refresh my memory about information that subsequent lessons have shown me to be shaky on. I never study Spanish, mainly your course or your stand alone videos on YouTube, for less than an hour a day, usually more, and I’ve never missed a day. Not one. I was 75 years old when I started, and besides being anxious to learn enough Spanish to not have to depend on finding English speakers when visiting Spanish speaking countries, I was interested in finding out whether a person my age could still learn a second language, being at least seventy years past the sweet spot. Creo que si! I’ve been told that my accent is good and my sentence construction is competent. What I need the most now is practice speaking with a native Spanish speaker. That’s do-able. Thanks so much for putting so much time and good thinking into creating a comfortable, smooth, effective way to learn a language. It reinforces my understanding that there is a huge difference between knowing something and being able to teach it. You make it seem almost offhand, but it’s clear to me that you’re a genius at teaching—at the very top of the activity, and I’ve known dozens, perhaps hundreds, of educators. I’ve been over one of the final lessons in Level 6 several times, and I laugh every time I hear you tell about Homer Simpson telling Bart that it isn’t, as Bart has just said, the worst day of his life—it’s the worst day of his life SO FAR. What a (typically) great way to reinforce the Spanish way of saying that. Thanks so much, Stan Lewis.

    Jonathan Smith:

    Finishing up Level 1 and it’s actually kinda scary how quickly and well this works. I’m shocked with how fast I’ve learned the grammar and verbs without taking a single note. Not ONE! I used Pimsleur to learn Japanese and while it was effective, it was way too slow paced. This is like Pimsleur, but better. Combine these courses with real life conversation and reading practice and you will be fluent in no time. I’m very satisfied so far!


    I bought the all in 1 course last week and I’m blown away with how much I can say already. I just wanted to check, when is the best time to start using the Fluency Boosters. Muchas gracias. Mark

    Angela Anderson:

    I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU! This is just perfect in every way. The courses (which I’m working my way through), the supplemental You Tube vids, the design, the structure, the supporting course pack/notes… all just perfect! I am SO HAPPY with this. I lived in Barcelona teaching English for shy of two years, have engaged in a number of different Spanish courses and learnt only a handful of essential Spanish words. I have learnt A LOT with your course and am recognising more Spanish words, sentence structure, verbs etc. when I see them and am able to string a few sentences together with few errors. It’s the way you teach it. Some teachers make the language seem complicated and it just confuses students. Not this one. You make it very easy to understand and simple to follow and for that I am very grateful to you. 🙂