*New* Verbs and Tenses

14 Comments on “*New* Verbs and Tenses

  1. Hi Martin,
    I have purchased all your levels and cannot thank you enough. I have now also purchased the verb tense but would like to ask that you also send me the MP3 versions to put on my mobile please? Thank you so much!

  2. Hi Martin,

    Please send a sample of the verbs and tenses to my email. I am a fan of ProSpanish. Muchas gracias

    Best regards

  3. do you have a sample video for this new course Spanish Tenses Made Easy that you can send to me?

  4. Would like to use the files in my car but cannot play the MP4 files I have purchased – are they available in MP3?

    1. Martin,

      Could you please send me the MP3 files for the Spanish Tenses Made Easy course that I have just purchased. ( Handy for the car as per previous threads).


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