ProSpanish Levels 1-3

The ProSpanish course has been carefully designed to get you speaking conversational Spanish in the shortest time possible. You will notice straight away how our techniques make new language stick and enable you to communicate in sentences from the beginning. We avoid abstract grammar which often inhibits most language learners and instead we focus on the key structures required for effective communication. Levels 1-3 take you from beginner to conversation in easy steps. Don’t forget to check the offers, top right, for massive savings.

Upon payment you will receive an email with download instructions.

Key Features of ProSpanish Spanish Course

  • 3 Levels
  • 10 Lessons per level
  • Listening exercises to improve fluency
  • All the key tenses taught
  • Video and/or MP3 (see below)
  • Vocabularly sheets for easy revisión
  • Format for PC and Mac
  • Online support
  • No internet required once downloaded

ProSpanish Guarantee

You can see from our comments page the exceptionally high level of customer satisfaction that our product enjoys. However, if you are in any way dissatisfied with the course, we will provide a full and immediate refund – guaranteed.

Audiovisual  (MP3 + Mobile Device Formats Included) – $26.99

Level 4

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Why so cheap? Our mission is to get as many people speaking Spanish as possible, so we want the price to be accessible to learners of all backgrounds. Although we’d like to make it completely free we need some income to keep the site and materials going.

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