Teachers Guide

Suggested Sequence

  1. Students complete lesson online, following the instructions given. It is important that after each question, the recording is stopped and the answer written down. This is part of the mental process which leads to assimilation of the material.
  2. Either for homework or in class, students should spend five minutes revising the vocabulary covered.
  3. Consolidate. For example,use games or exercises to see who can construct given sentences (see teachers materials). Students can also prepare and act out the roleplays provided, which increase in complexity and relevance as more language is learnt.
  4. Incorporate this language into the topics covered by established course. This will enable students to quickly raise their NC levels and GCSE grades.
  5. Ensure that pupils can recall the majority of the language covered before continuing to the next lesson. There will not be grammatical stumbling blocks, but some students may benefit from a slower pace or more repetition.
  6. There is a progress check crossword after each lesson, which can be completed when convenient.

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Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Aprender Ingles Rapido Gratis