Learn Spanish with Films

Films are a great way to learn a new language and here are a few of the major benefits:

1. They really help your pronunciation and auditory skills.

2. You can effortlessly learn new vocabulary and structures.

3. They reinforce the grammatical structures you have already learnt.

4. It’s fun!

Depending on your level there are different ways to maximise your learning from films:

Phase 1 Watch films in Spanish with English subtitles.

Phase 2 Watch films in Spanish with Spanish subtitles.

Phase 3 Watch Spanish films with no subtitles.

It is also important to choose films which are compatible with language learning. For example, a fast talking Eddie Murphy flick is likely to leave you with a headache and a bit demotivated! Read on for our recommendations, based on users’ experience. They can also be purchased straight from our site. Read more