Boot Camp Surgery

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  1. Hola, ProSpanish es muy bueno! I have been trying to teach myself Spanish for so long, as my son has moved to Seville. I would love to visit him and surprise him with a little Spanish. The boot camp is fantastic! linking words together in a simple way to form sentences. I can not wait for the end of the boot camp, and hopefully I will have learned enough to get me by, if I get a chance to visit my son in Seville. Thank you so much I am loving it so far 🙂

  2. I’m enjoying Boot Camp very much, but I’m a little confused with lesson 3. It says ‘puedes’ means ‘I can’. I thought ‘puedes meant ‘you can’ and ‘puedo’ meant ‘I can’. Maybe I’m reading it wrong..

  3. Hola

    I really enjoyed the first day of boot camp. However I did not receive the e-mail for day two. I checked my spam folder because I thought it might be there and it wasn’t. I have a question about listening one. I thought I heard the sentence Es bueno, pero es muy barato (It’s good but cheap). Is that correct?

    1. @Kim
      It’s every 2 days. Hopefully you have received lesson 2 by now. You should also receive answers to the listening.

  4. Hi there,
    I started the boot camp this morning and I think it´s great. Thank you for the offer!
    My first question refers to Listening 1, sentence 4: “Es bueno, pero es muy…?…”
    The word I hear is “portente”, but that seems to make no sense. Would you please tell me the word and the translation?

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