EDD Levels 1-3

The ProSpanish course has been carefully designed to get you speaking conversational Spanish in the shortest time possible. You will notice straight away how our techniques make new language stick and enable you to communicate in sentences from the beginning. We avoid abstract grammar which often inhibits most language learners and instead we focus on the key structures required for effective communication. Levels 1-3 take you from beginner to conversation in easy steps. Don’t forget to check the offers, top right, for massive savings.

Upon payment you will receive an email with download instructions.

Key Features of ProSpanish Spanish Course

  • 3 Levels
  • 10 Lessons per level
  • Listening exercises to improve fluency
  • All the key tenses taught
  • Video and/or MP3 (see below)
  • Vocabularly sheets for easy revisión
  • Format for PC and Mac
  • Online support
  • No internet required once downloaded


ProSpanish Guarantee

You can see from our comments page the exceptionally high level of customer satisfaction that our product enjoys. However, if you are in any way dissatisfied with the course, we will provide a full and immediate refund – guaranteed.

Audiovisual (MP3 + Mobile Device Formats Included) – $26.99

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Why so cheap? Our mission is to get as many people speaking Spanish as possible, so we want the price to be accessible to learners of all backgrounds. Although we’d like to make it completely free we need some income to keep the site and materials going.


Some Customer Comments (see comment page in sidebar for daily updated comments)

Deborah says:

November 7, 2019

Hola Martin. I’ve just finished the Levels 1-6 course and I am thrilled with how much I’ve learned. Will you be bringing out an advanced course soon. I haven’t been able to find anythinng like the Prospanish way. Thanks

viper X says:

October 16, 2019

Best place to learn spanish quik I did and it worked for me


Domonick Mathis says:

August 14, 2019

Stopping by again to say, fantastic course it really helped me in communicating with my coworkers


Simon says:

August 10, 2019

Hi ProSpanish! Thank you thank you!! I bought the all in 1 course a few months ago after seeing some of your youtube samples. I’m travelling right now and it’s just so beautiful being able to have normal conversations with the locals.


Ulf says:

June 21, 2019


thanks a lot for this fantastic educational masterpiece!

Anyway, i suggest more lessons that are theme related to extend the vocabulary. For instance: vocabulary for movies, for camping etc…

that would be wonderful and i would be the first to buy it!

Greets from Germany


Jeanine says:

May 18, 2019

I received my download links a few hours later. Perhaps it should be noted on the website that the email link can take up to 2 hours to send. That way we won’t panic when we check right away if the link has not arrived yet. That being said, I look forward to learning Spanish as I have tried MANY courses but the knowledge does not stay. I believe your model helps us retain what we have learned. Muchas gracias!


Sharada says:

April 30, 2019

Hello Prospanish team, I found couple of free lessons on you tubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rj6pAX7aAkgand the lessons are perfect and instructor is amazing. Are all your lessons by this same instructor and format going to be similar to this lesson?Once I pay for the course can i get i-phone version? I usually listen to these lessons in the drive or while i go for a walk.

Thank you, Sharada


Cherry Yarrow says:

April 4, 2019 at 5:28 pm

Having retired from sailing a small yacht for the last few years, have settled in Ecuador and have been TRYING to learn Spanish, without success. I stumbled on your free lessons on YouTube and was blown away!! Have purchased levels 1 – 6, and in three days have learned and understood more Spanish than in the previous six months of study. Thanks for making a new language fun and simple to follow without all the rules! Am really enjoying this course. Also, thank you for VERY prompt service when I had difficulties accessing your site to make payment. A one hour turnaround from a very different time zone is extremely impressive and encouraging.


Aidy says:

March 9, 2019 at 7:41 pm

I got the full course a week ago and I can’t believe how much I can say already. I just wanted to check whether to do the fluency videos alongside or at the end of a level. Graciaaaas!


Shane F says:

December 6, 2018 at 9:38 pm

I completed levels 1-6 and have been revising them for the last number of months. Fantastic step by step enjoyable format of learning . I felt like I was just naturally progressing through each lesson. Each new lesson contains something from a previous lesson so it was like a well structured pattern.

I want to now do the ProSpanish Vocabulary Course, Spanish Verbs and Tenses Courseand Fluency Booster course. Could you please email me ASAP Martin I want to know is there a package for this thanks.


Anna Garstang says:

November 14, 2018

I love these lessons and have returned to them time and again to refresh and continue to learn over the last year or two.

Please, please, please put a course together for advanced level.



Jennifer says:

December 10, 2017

“I found Martin’s ProSpanish tutorials on YouTube by chance and after watching a few of them, I realised that his methods are far superior to another popular App that I previously purchased. It’s also incredible that you get guidance and tips from a native English speaker on how to learn and speak Spanish. I found his explanations very clear and his teaching methods easier to commit to memory. I’m looking forward to progressing my Spanish much further with Martin’s method.”




Megan says:

Long overdue testimonial. I bought this a couple years ago when I was travelling to Spain and couldn’t speak a word. In the 2 weeks before I went I made a good start on speaking the language just with levels 1 and 2 of your amazing course. I then put it down until last year when I began an evening class. The progress in this, especially in the speaking and pronunciation seems very slow and nothing comes close to how you teach and just how well this method of learning works. So I am revising it again and working through the levels. Would recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much! I have noted the new verb course…is this more advance that the levels 1-6? Might you bring in higher level courses?


Joseph Briggs says:


My wife and I SO enjoy your Spanish video lessons!

The thorough pace and care sharing logic behind grammar and conjugation, accent explanation, and simple things like word spellings and methodical phrase repetition makes it a joy to learn Spanish using these videos! We also love that so many of the phrases are immediately useful in conversation, not just endless academic conjugations!

Thank you for taking the time to assemble such great Spanish lessons!


Alya says:

Hands down this is the best and most efficient way to learn Spanish. This method allowed me to learn, and speak Spanish easily. Muchas gracias.


James says:

I have tried every Spanish course from Rosetta Stone to Rocket Spanish to Babbel to Spanish Pod101, etc., but they all left me somewhat frustrated and I still could not comfortably speak Spanish. Your method of teaching is absolutely the easiest to understand and I now feel as if I am finally learning to speak Spanish. I wish that I had started with your course and not wasted so much time with all the others. This course is FANTASTIC!!!


Gil Povah says:

I have been learning Spanish for about a year in a largely unstructured way. I have used your course for about 2 weeks and already feel the benefit of your measured, clear and enjoyable course. Hindsight is great but I’m chuffed to heve found you now. I’m on level 3 and know by level 6 I will be much further forward. I particularly like the clear pronounciation and shortcuts to correct verb conjugations.
It’s amazing how quickly you reach quite complicated sentences even early in the course.




Maurice says:

In the download process my xp pro system warned me not to download zip file because they did not know the program or source. So I downloaded it anyway. Then tested it with the very latest MS Maleware software and found nothing wrong. The Prospanish it self is wonderful and well worth the price. My son and I are not ready to move to Spain yet, but after approx 48 hrs we are conversing half of our communication in spanish. We did all the lessons twice. It has given hope of actually learning Spanish, to a Jr Hi student. Buy It!



Geert Janssen says:

I am in Ibiza at the moment, great island! And guess…I talk Spanish to the people and they understand me….fantástico !!!
Thanks for these great lessons.


Torben DK says:

Dear Mr Prospanish.
I started with this excellent course via Youtube about 4 months ago. (I never had any education in spanish before). Very soon I found it so good, that I purchased it, and put it in my Dropbox.
I’ve been to Spain twice since I started (week 8 and end of april), living in a hotel that we’ve lived in before.
I tell you it was a fantastic experience to find out, that: now I’m able to have a reasonable conversation IN SPANISH with these perpetually kind spaniards. (They certainly deserve, that we learn their language).
I got a lot of compliments for my pronunciation (thank you course).
NOW I’m going to purchase LEVEL 4.



Levi winger says:

I love these people. i encountered some difficulty downloading the level 4 lesson (problem was with google chrome) and they stood by me with prompt support and responses. great customer service! the lessons are ridiculously affordable. i surprise people when i speak spanish now and i work at a restaurant where atleast half the staff if not more are native spanish speakers. it feels good to be able to communicate with those who cant understand english well but are learning just as i am. i took spanish for 4 years in highschool and didnt learn nearly as much. now i plan to take a spanish placement test in college so i can skip to the more advanced stuff. looking forward to Lesson 5!!


Hope says:


I love the course. I have been learning exercise with other web sites but this is far the best to help me learn the language and to construct sentences. I love the way each exercise builds on the the next one, so when I cannot find the next lesson I am frantic. the listening exercise are fabulous for helping me with my spelling and testing how much Spanish I really know, I also realised that I need to spend more time listening because normal speech seems very fast.


Robert says:
Thanks guys…this really is the BEST way to learn Spanish. As my Spanish friends have said…getting the verbs right is the most important thing and this program concentrates on verbs and the correct endings. I LOVE it…it has helped me so much.



Karl Fuller says:


You have a great way of teaching and look forward to your next videos, I found the listening very useful as it made me listen carefully and this has boosted my learning. I also have rosetta stone but your course is superior to it. keep up the good work.


Fred says:

This is by far the best method I’ve used to learn Spanish. I’m looking forward to 5, 6 and 7!



Sara says:

Thank you so much! I love they way you build the lessons to teach us how to think for ourselves and build a conversation. I have only been using your course for LESS than one month and already I am watching Spanish TV and getting the gist of some of their great dramas! Very exciting… Spain here I come! Thanks again. Will definitely recommend you.


Noora says:

I really love it … it’s so easy to understand for a beginner like myself and I feel so proud when I get a sentence right … Your method is so easy to keep in mind …


Antje says:


lately you mentioned something about Level 5 to 7. When will those levels be published? Iam waiting impatently :) I love your exercices – they are wonderful! Thanks for your help.

many regards Antje

Paul Delaware Kelly says


November 22, 2013 at 5:56 pm


I’m amazed at how much I have learned. I purchased level 4 a couple of weeks ago and I am surprised at how much I have learned from the first three levels. Please let me know when further levels will be available. Thank you.



Judy says:


September 4, 2013 at 10:53 pm

Hola! I am soooo glad I found this program! I am taking Spanish lessons with a very small group once a week, and I am incorporating this into my program. I must admit, I have learned more in the last two nights doing your program than in the group work! La maestra is very good, and she is teaching articles, etc., but it is fab-ooo to be learning to speak the language so quickly! Thank you very much!

ISAAC says:

August 28, 2013 at 2:22 pm

This course is the BOMB. More videos. More videos.More videos. Same format and method please!




Gabriella says:


January 28, 2013 at 3:43 pm


I’ve just finished lesson three on level one and all I can say is wow! I have tried so many different techniques to learn Spanish and nothing has helped until now! I can say full sentences confidently already! I can’t wait until I can finally speak Spanish fluently and say that this helped me to do it! Best Spanish course I’ve ever bought so far!

Harry Jahromi says:

January 17, 2013 at 6:00 pm

This is the best way I have ever learned a language. It is like the learner building a small lego with clear instruction and the block the instructor provides. After a couple of times practice you can build the lego yourself . Thank you so much.

Maria says:

January 17, 2013 at 11:43 am

Hey guys! Thank you so much for the great opportunity! The result is amazing! And I also love the price! So cheap! Thank you!!! Can`t wait for the Level 4,5,6..etc ;) )))




May 9, 2014 at 6:31 am (Edit)


Dear Mr Prospanish.
I started with this excellent course via Youtube about 4 months ago. (I never had any education in spanish before). Very soon I found it so good, that I purchased it, and put it in my Dropbox.
I’ve been to Spain twice since I started (week 8 and end of april), living in a hotel that we’ve lived in before.
I tell you it was a fantastic experience to find out, that: now I’m able to have a reasonable conversation IN SPANISH with these perpetually kind spaniards. (They certainly deserve, that we learn their language).
I got a lot of compliments for my pronunciation (thank you course).
NOW I’m going to purchase LEVEL 4.

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