Thank you for your purchase of the ProSpanish All in 1 package. Below are
your links to download the main Levels 1 – 6 course, The Fluency Booster,
The Verbs and Tenses Course and the Vocabulary Course. Please be aware that
the folders are large – if there is an issue with the download, check that
you have sufficient space. Do not hesitate to contact us by reply if there
is a problem. Guidance for usage, at the end of this email.


Main Course Levels 1-6

Fluency Boosters Levels 1-6

Verb Course

Vocabulary Course

50 Stand Alone Videos from the YouTube Channel

Suggested Guidance for Usage

a) Initially the focus should be on the Levels 1-6 course. The more time
you can dedicate the better, but be realistic. Try to do one lesson per day
or every other day to maintain learning momentum. If you have the time it
would be really helpful to complete the corresponding Fluency Booster video
(around 5 minutes) in between lessons.

b) Once you have completed around 3 lessons from Level 1, begin to use the
Vocabulary Course as well. You will notice how easy it is to fit these new
words into the structures you have learnt from Level 1. If possible work
through the Vocabulary Course lessons in addition to the Levels 1-6. If you
do not have the time, alternate between Levels 1-6 and Vocabulary Course.

c) When you have reached the end of Level 1, begin the Verbs and Tenses
course. You can begin earlier depending on your available time. This course
reinforces and expands on the verbs and tenses taught in Levels 1-6. So,
when Levels 1-6 teaches how to speak in the past tense, you can complete
the Verbs and Tenses lessons on the past, and so on. Or, if you are living
in a Spanish speaking country, you may want to study these lessons as the
need arises.