Level 1 Recap and Practice Webinar

Whether you’ve just started or have been temporarily derailed and are looking to get back on track, the Level 1 Recap and Practice Webinar is designed to boost your confidence and motivate you to complete the course in good time.

This live and interactive online class is for those who have completed Level 1 of the ProSpanish Course (recap webinars also available for other levels). It will reinforce and build upon the language you learned in Level 1.

The webinar provides an opportunity to have conversations in real time and try out your Spanish through various interactive speaking and listening activities. We encourage active participation, but there is no pressure. You can engage as much or as little as you like.

Key Benefits

Motivation: Booking now will motivate you to complete Level 1 for the Webinar.

Teacher: Course creator Martin will lead the class.

Reinforce: We’ll consolidate and strengthen Level 1 material.

Interactive Practice: Engage in live activities to practice speaking and listening.

Participation: Participate actively or just listen – no need to show your face.


Date: 23 October

Start Time: 6pm (UK time)

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: $12.99

Book now, limited spaces: 
Upon booking you will receive a confirmation email with the Webinar link.