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We are currently developing a new TOPIC VOCABULARY COURSE to accompany each Level from the main Levels 1-6 course.  Below are the first ten lessons which can be completed any time AFTER completing Level 1.

Use the link to download the first 10 lessons. Having completed one or more of the lessons, please leave a constructive comment below. All those who contribute with a constructive comment will receive the full course on completion.




32 Comments on “Topic Course Beta

  1. Hi Martin,

    Thanks for suggesting that I look at this beta course for practice using “chunks” from lessons 1-6. I’ve watched several of these and I have some feedback:

    Things I like:

    – Follows your stand alone youtube video format which I’ve always enjoyed
    – Provides chunk structures that relate directly to the lesson vocabulary
    – Organized in useful topics/situations that we will face in the real world
    – I like the last part of every lesson where you create sentences from words not on the grid


    – I think that a key component is missing. Helping us understand the 4 sections of the grids. What are they called and how can we expand this technique to create our own grids with other words/phrases. In the end, you can’t lay out every word or phrase but teaching us the sections will let us create our own grids for what makes sense to our interests.
    – Add more words/phrases in the last two columns. In the second video, you have 5 starting phrases, 7 verbs, and then just two words/phrases in the last two columns. Might as well fill the table out more with very common phrases. Again, you can’t lay out everything but might as well fill it out since you have the space.

    I hope that my feedback is useful. Can’t wait to see the final product!

    Appreciate all that you do. I am doing Babbel along with this course and this is so much better. However, I think that doing this entire course along with Babbel will help me get to the level I’m looking for.


  2. Hi Martin
    I have been enthusiastically learning Spanish for a year now, using Duolingo and I have a tutor that I see once a week. I am so pleased to discover your tutorials as they have brought everything together for me and helped me make a lot more sense of it all. Your clear, concise and logical teaching methods make me look forward to learning more everyday. Thanks also for pointing me towards your additional content,. I have motored through levels 1-10 and look forward to the complete set in due course. Keep up the great work and I and I am sure, many of your customers would be very keen in an advanced course so that we can take our Spanish learning to the next level with you. Best wishes, Andy

  3. Course Beta

    Hello Martin,

    First and foremost, much gratitude for your ProSpanish comprehensive courses Levels 1-6 which I have recently acquired and am currently working through.
    I wish I had had something like this when I was learning English.
    But WOW! The trial course Beta is way over my expectations and a great addition to the core basic levels. This course really resonated with me.
    Stacking to create real phrases we can use conversationally is superb!
    I particularly enjoyed the way you flashed the picture of a Toucan bird on the screen to remind us that “poder” is “to can”.
    I don’t think I will forget this meaning which to me reinforces the effort and thinking by you which went into producing the lessons.
    I am so looking forward to completing the course in readiness for my walking trip in Spain in 2024.
    Since you have already received much useful feedback from my other fellow learners, I don’t have a lot to add. However, I agree with Gerd (Nov 6, 2022) who indicated that some words/sentences are not translated. I do understand that very minor errors are inevitable in such a mammoth course. I realise you are aiming for perfection in the final product; so here goes:-
    In lesson 8 (How Often) “normalmente termino tarde” is not vocalised in English as per other statements.
    Also, in lesson 10 (Questions), “sueles” is translated as “do you have to” the same as for “tienes que”.
    Yet, these are incredibly minor errors and your work is indeed first rate.

    Kind regards,

  4. Hi! I was thrilled to find your method of teaching and the reason is that this is how I learn English. Since I was living in an English-speaking country I was totally immersed in the language to my advantage. Know I teach Spanish online and I would love to use your course. I’ll keep you posted about my experience.

  5. This certainly is an improved in the presentation, compared to the original course, – the very ‘garish’ blue and the intrusive soundtrack have both gone .One obvious fault however is the Spanish ‘script’ is translated ‘phonetically’ eg. “hoy” = “oi” ; “leer” = “lear” … there are many more.

    1. @ David Lee. Wow, you sound like a really nice guy – very generous spirited!!

      Martin, as a language teacher in the US I use your videos a lot with my classes. This is a great addition to what you’ve already created. My students prefer the ‘garish’ blue, 🙂
      Not sure what the previous poster means about the Spanish script being translated phonetically, it works perfectly. I would love to see a top 100 verbs course.
      Muchas gracias por otro recurso tan excelente.

  6. Hi Martin,

    I really like the new layout; the grids and the soft colours are great for a visual learner like myself. I am amazed how the grids have helped me structure my sentences – I used to lose my train of thought mid-sentence, but now I find I can remember and adapt these chunks of phrases better due to the grids. I’m super keen to see the new course!

  7. this is great. you should have a speed style exercise just like in the main course. I’m using all the vocabulary all the time with my Guatemalan friends.

  8. Hi Martin,
    I purchased your levels 1-6 not too long ago. I must say, your teachings make it look so easy and fun, that some of my Spanish friends are shocked at what I have learned so far. That alone drives me to keep trying and improving. One major obstacle I’ve been dealing with is trying to translate everything in my head first. My friends have said, you have to think in Spanish and not English lolol, and also, most of my questions to them have been mostly confusing to me, to which they reply ” that’s just the way it is” lol. So I’ve just been drilling that into my brain lol. What I mean, for example. Estoy bien vs tengo calor. That was confusing to understand at first why it wasn’t both “estoy” but because of you and my Spanish friends, I’ve come to realize, it is what it is LOL! Thanks again Martin!! Can’t wait for the finished course!!

  9. Hi Martin,
    I purchased your full course back at the end of 2019 and have always liked it very much.
    After a seven month break from studying Spanish I have recently been struggling to start again but on finding your new Topic Vocabulary course material I am very pleased to say this has given a fresh impetus.
    I love the new layout with the fresh colour scheme.
    I can’t wait to see the finished article!
    Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas.
    Best Regards, Dave

  10. Hi Martin,

    I enjoy the new layout of these videos as the grid really helps when you forget a specific word while forming a sentence. I agree with Robert that I too experience brain freeze when hearing a native speaker. Perhaps there could be a listening component at the end of each video similar to the listening audio from the main modules? I feel this would make us more comfortable with the faster pace of speech of a native speaker. Additionally, the worksheets look absolutely great!

    1. +Kris
      Thanks Kris, appreciate the feedback. I’m working on a listening component where you can control the speed and pause to answer – hopefully I’ll be able to incorporate it. I’ll make sure you get sent the course when completed.

  11. Hi Martin, I bought your course a year ago and it was great ! Fully worth all the money. REALLY like this new course and look forward to doing more. My biggest idea is as I suggested in your course : Editing. In the course some of the later questions are given incorrect answers , and same with this . Since it is so elementary it is not really a problem, but in Courses 5 and 6 as a student I was really not sure. In this course I especailly like how it covers so many different senerios of daily life, with new vocabulary sprinkled in. Would be great if you continue this for a course or two, to give us more vocabulary and situations to deal with the same main problem . Again, I am so glad I found your course Martin. Thank you.

      1. Hi Martin,
        One more thing, please. As an American many of the British words and examples made me stumble as I went through the 6 sections. I cant remember them all but “Speeders ” was one which would be called “tennis or athletic shoes in in the United States. I finally had to look up Paella since I had no idea what it was, and you use it as an example many times in the course. However, again I am very glad I found your course and gained tremendously from it. 13 most Powerful Spanish Phrases is the Best by far course on the subject and the web. After watching nearly all of your YOUTUBE videos , that course is the one that made me make the decision to purchase your course.

  12. Hi Martin,

    I’ve bought your ProSpanish “All in One” mega pack in October 2022. Up to now, I worked through level 1-3, and I’m really excited!

    Theoretical, I have a level of B1. Theoretical! But my problem begins when I want to speak. Then my head seems to be empty. So, I looked for a method how to get into speaking. Because I like to learn to speak fluently Spanish, that’s my goal.

    I tried a lot of systems with more or less success. Till I found a video of yours on YouTube. “Building Blocks” – something new for me. And immediately I understood that this was what I have looked for!
    The idea is as simple as great, sentizied for the focus on structures which can be manipulated and used in multiple contexts. And not concentrating on a specific vocabulary for specific themes, which are of limited use.

    I think the first thing to do when learning a language is to understand how it is structured and what could be exchanged for another context.

    Your videos are clever made. Your voice is clear, friendly, and pleasant. Wonderful to listen and learn easily in a pleasing environment.

    Your Topic Course Beta comes in a somewhat little bit more modern “dress” than the original Level 1-6 course. But I like also the appearance of the original course. I like the blue color 😉

    Here, what I think:
    I don’t know if I would deliver also the English translation of the Spanish words in the grids. I liked it in your original version that there are only the Spanish words seen – so, you have to remember them quickly. With the translation always seen on the screen, the brain could sit back and relax.
    Maybe it is an idea that you show them shortly and then fade them out and hide them?

    The work-sheets are also great! Amazing! I like the gap fill and translate section most.

    Martin, I’m really glad I found your site and method! Keep on going!
    I wish you the best for you and your family! Stay save and healthy!
    Warm regards, Eva

    1. What I forgot to mention: I think the new didactic design is very successful. I particularly like the exercise in which the sentences are built up piece by piece. That’s a great workout!

    2. +Eva
      Thanks for such lovely and specific feedback Eva – much appreciated. It’s a tricky one about the English translations being visible and I sort of agree with you. Ideally the video would be interactive, leaving the student the option to show or not show the translation. Something for the future. I’ll mmake sure you get the full course when finished.

      1. Hi Martin,
        thanks for your nice answer. I’m absolutely looking forward to your full course – thanks a lot!
        I highly appreciate your engagement to help us to learn this wonderful language!
        I have your lessons daily on my ears and I recognize that the portions in which you present the contents are so well organized that they work further during the day in my head.

        And one more thing: your Listening-files are also super helpful.
        I use them in triple way: 1. to make a dictation, 2. to make a translation and 3. to “shadow” them on my daily walk with my dog, is to say – I speak your spoken sentences at the same time or repeat them quickly. – That is also a wonderful training!

        Once again: Thanks a lot! You are one of the best teachers I ever met!

  13. I’m also following the 1-6 course as well – and this addition will be extremely helpful – especially if you produce vocab courses for the other levels!

    My only comment is that the mp4 files are very large. If you down load the 1-6 course plus this you are using an enormous amount of file space. Have you looked at reducing the quality of the mp4 recording. I’m sure you could cut down the quality a bit which would reduce the file sizes a lot


  14. Hola Martin,

    I have just started your intermediate courses and thought I would check out this course. Right off the bat, I noticed this course is different than another course I am taking where you are doing the reverse after teaching in one direction. You teach the phrases and then go back and say the sentence in Spanish and the learner tries to figure out what is said. This is so incredibly important!

    I can speak in full sentences and paragraphs but when a native spanish speaker speaks to me, I get brain freeze trying to figure out what they are saying. This is something that has to be drilled into you using this pyramid/chunks method so it becomes second nature. It would also be helpful to have other native speakers ask the questions so you hear other accents. This would make a good quiz section to test your knowledge of how well you understood the lesson (just add some space for us to call out the answer aloud).

    1. Hey Robert, thanks so much for the feedback. I have been thinking about including a question answer section and your comment is very helpful. I’ll have a look at re-editing these ones here to include this. I’ll let you know when that’s done and of course send you the whole lot free when it’s completed.

  15. Hola Martin,
    My name is Kabira. I’ve owned and used your Level 1-6 program since 2016. I found your method of spanish learning great. Since 2016 I tried other metbods of learning but ALWAYS come back to your learning metbod. I also purchased vocabulary, verb tenses and boosters.
    As for these video lessons 1-10, I’ve been going over them inorder to keep level one fresh in my mind. My huband told my kids yesterday how much I’ve improved with my spanish. I also have my four children going over them so they can learn a second language before they graduate from highschool. My third oldest loves the videos. Lastnight I heard her talking to my other children in spanish while they were all gathered in the kitchen. She was talking slow but it was clear and correct. Please keep going I’m so grateful to you.

    Thank You

  16. Hola Martin,

    I’ve completed your great level 1 – 6 course, and then bought the Vocabulary course. At first, I thought the Vocabulary course was too easy, but as I moved through the lessons, I found some great tidbits of language that I could add to my vocabulary and was well worth doing the course. The same I believe will be true here. The first 2 lessons seemed very easy, but some of the latter were quite helpful.

    It is a bit different from level 1 – 6 and the Vocabulary format, (more like your You Tube lessons). I prefer the level 1 – 6 style, but as I progressed, I did find it valuable. Though the vocabulary was simple for a Level 6 graduate, the great way you teach made it easy to “own” this language.

    My wife heard me doing the lessons and commented, “that is language that you can actually put to use”.

    Looking forward to seeing the more advanced lessons in the future.

    1. Hola Wayne
      Thanks for taking the time to write feedback, it’s much appreciated. It’s interesting what you say about preferring the Levels 1-6 approach, and I know what you mean. The difficult is that it is tricky to introduce a lot of themed vocabulary with that approach because you are not so much building up the structures.
      I’ll send you the complete course when in lieu of useful feedback. 🙂

  17. Topic Course Beta

    Hi Martin,
    Gerd from Bavaria/Germany here. I am 67 and since my retirement my favorite pastimes are learning the Spanish language and learning how to play the ukulele. I bought your “All in One” mega pack way back in February and i am really happy with it! In my experience the best way to learn a foreign language is with music you like and the lyrics. The second best way is YOUR method, learning in blocks! Learning single words is boring and one has not really a chance to fix these words in the brain. A waster of time. (The 3rd good way is to learn with stories, reading and listening).
    Enough said, you asked to test your newest product. There are some minor mistakes, they are no problem at all:
    – there are just 9 files in the pack, not ten (just to mention)
    – the files “ordering food” and “how often” both come with the number “7”
    These are just minor things. Now the more Interesting errors:
    – in “ordering food” the word “un helado” is not translated, it is written twice on the screen
    – in “how often” the word “siempre” is misspelled “sieRmpre”
    That is all i could find.
    Did i already mention that i like the way of your teaching? It is great! I love it! And with your help i might be able to have a fluid conversation in Spanish, sooner or later 🙂


    I wish you and your famliy all the best,
    stay safe and in good health


    1. Hi Gerd
      Thanks for leaving such detailed feedback. I will go back and correct those mistake that your fresh set of eyes spotted.
      There is now the ten videos with the correct order.
      Thanks again, I will make sure I send you the completed course free when it’s done.

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