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  1. It’s cool how you put together the lessons, it’s like you teach a few words then you mix and match them to create sentences, then you teach some more words to create more complex sentences etc. And you teach how certain words like “Tengo”, “Tienes” and “Tiene” all mean the same thing but they’re just applied to different people, like me, you and her etc.

    It’s not like the typical “Learn Spanish” books and CDs were they teach you fixed sentences and phrases like “How Are You?”, “Where Are You From?”, “My Name Is” etc. Things like that don’t really give you the knowledge and freedom to create your own sentences, but your lessons do. You and anyone else who helped in creating these lessons are brilliant people.

    This website deserves much more popularity, Rosetta Stone costs about £279.00 and I’ve heard that it doesn’t really work as well as they say it does. But your lessons only cost about £11.49, and with the way that you teach it, it’s really easy to remember, understand and speak the language. You make learning a new language very enjoyable and affordable. Thank you so much 🙂

  2. I love your spanish program! It’s so easy to remember everything the way you teach it! Lots of thanks to the guy who came up with this!

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