SentenceBuilders – Resource: Topic Course /Household Chores



Topic Course /Household Chores

You can click on the items in the SentenceBuilder to hear them spoken by text-to-speech. With build function enabled, you can click to generate sentences from the SentenceBuilder.


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Use the Activity Menu to choose one of the many activities available for this resource. Depending on the resource, you may find activities listed in up to 3 main categories — Vocab Chunks, SB Sentences, Paragraphs — each one broken down into various sub-categories with a different skills focus.

Open an activity to have a play with it and to practice the language. All of your activity for this resource will add points to your global points score for this resource, as well as to your global SentenceBuilders points score.

Alternatively, you can choose to Go Random! If you do this, you’ll see a randomly selected activity from the activity menu.


Use the Circuit Menu to choose from one of the Activity Circuits available for this resource. Depending on the resource, you may find that the Circuit Menu options are broken down into 1 or 2 main categories.

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